Monday, November 4, 2013

Some Fine Finishes!

I've received a couple pictures of completed rugs from students recently.

Jerry Dickerson of TX completed this Magdalena Menagerie which was started in our class in Tyler TX last June.  Jerry did a great job combining her colors well for the abundant hit and miss areas.
Jerry Dickerson's Magdalena Menagerie.
Pattern by Kathy Clark, Briarwood Folk Art.

Kathy Applegate of TX loves her dogs and has finished at least two of my dog rug patterns this past summer. This is a custom design for Kathy's granddaughter Emma.  What I love most about this rug, two Akita's and one black Lab, is the Lab's expression is captured perfectly in Kathy's hooking.  The Lab's face was just as fun and warm and loving as the picture the rug was based on.  Can't you almost feel her hot breath?  Great job Kathy.
Emma's dogs hooked by Kathy Applegate.
Custom pattern by Kathy Clark, Briarwood Folk Art.

Susan Zorz of Canada finished her Kisby rug the Canadian class I offered in September.  You've already seen this rug in progress but it is such a fun example of combining Magdalena type elements in a rug with a favorite pet!
Kisby Magdalena style hooked by Suan Zorz.
Custom pattern design by Kathy Clark, Briarwood Folk Art.

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