Thursday, January 9, 2014


Baaa!  I'm back.  Back enjoying a rug that I'm working on.  This little Baa guy is great fun.  At least for now.  I can't say I'm going to be singing the same praises once I get to all those triangle pieces around the border.  Oh no, I imagine I'll be moaning and groaning from tedious hooking by then!

Here's the E.S. Frost sheep in progress.  I'm really enjoying this guy!
E.S. Frost Sheep, pattern by Saundra from Woodland Junction (connect to Saundra's blog in the right column)
I want to rework the front legs a bit.  They are sort of spindly and need a bit of touch-up still.
The facial part was a bit of a challenge to workout to give the piece a face without a dark bold look.  Just a hint of a face from a distance to create a worn, aged, faded look.
And here are my trusty helpers in the studio.  Lulu and Maggie who longingly look out the window for any activity on the street.  The corgi gargoyles.

Oh boy!   Maggie spots something that requires a closer look.  Isn't that little butt cute as Maggie stands on her hind legs to see the action outside?

And here they conspire:  should we show mom our butts again?  She thinks it's so cute when we do.
And here they go..... aren't those little butts so darn cute?  It just cracks me up.  What great little cheerleaders.  
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