Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dear "Anonymous"

For all the nice people out there, please don't mind me as I send a direct communication to "Anonymous" a mean spirited person who reads my blog.

Don't you just hate chicken shit people?  People who find some reason to criticize you no matter what you do?  Take my cyber acquaintance "Anonymous" who is someone too chicken shit to use a real name.  He/she loves to send me negative, critical and mean comments.  For the life of me, why does someone who can't stand me even read my blog?  Isn't that a crackup?!  Keep reading "Anonymous" so I can help raise your blood pressure.  Go for it "Anonymous" so you can harden your arteries and become even more cranky.

"Anonymous" loves to get in a twit about something and make snide and cruel comments to my blog posts.  Pathetic you say?  Yes. Well "Anonymous" read this:  go suck on a rotten egg and stop reading my blog while you are at it.

So "Anonymous" emails me and chastises me for not giving E.S. Frost credit for the Mr. Baaa rug I am hooking.  I guess "Anonymous" can't read very well - as in reading the first post on this hooking adventure - where I identified this pattern originating from E.S. Frost.

My deepest wish for "Anonymous"  - get a life.  And you are a bully too, and that's a pathetic standing, wouldn't you say?
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