Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Sheepiness

A little more progress on the E.S. FROST SHEEP WITH BIRDS AND FLOWERS, an original design by Edward Sands Frost and drawn by Saundra from Woodland Junction.  You can order this pattern here:  It is a wonderful sheep pattern and fun to hook because of the intricacies of the design and border.

If you are not familiar with E.S. Frost you can Google his name to read about his fascinating contribution to the world of rug hooking.  He holds a remarkable place in rug hooking history so please get to know him if you aren't already familiar with Mr. Frost.

Triangles up close; here you can see the mixture of the antique black.
Camera flash makes it look like the various strips show up more than they do in person.
They mix together nicely in the actual rug.

Maggie gives the seal of approval.  Being a corgi, it's in her blood.
I love Saundra's version of this rug.  It would be fun to see it in person, as rugs always look better in person than photographed.
Saundra's version of Frost Sheep with Birds and Flowers.
I love her use of rose tones in this version.  Thank you Saundra, for the beautiful prototype which has greatly influenced my wool selections.

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