Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Fine Finishes

I recently received emails from two wonderful hookers who participated in my class in Ontario Canada last September:  Here are pic's from Elizabeth and Sandi.

These patterns were developed in class using templates, memories and imagination. I love these two rugs!

Elizabeth's memory rug:
Elizabeth Worrel, Ontario Canada memory rug.
Elizabeth's use of limited colors is very effective in this rug along with a Magdalena style leaf (hit and miss) and the frame of hit and miss around the rug.

Sandi's memory rug and exciting story about it, shared via email with Loretta (Lor) Moore (Hooked on the Lake) and me:

Sandi Percival, Ontario Canada memory rug.

I entered my antique-inspired rug into a Country Fair in Lake Place on Friday to be judged.  We were told we would be called if we won at any level.  Everyone's work was judged over the past two days. I never received a call.  Bill took me to the Fair today and our last stop was at the exhibition of the Art Work.  To my astonishment, and I mean I was totally astonished, I not only won First, but won First in Class and First in Show.  I just stood there with my mouth wide open and tears streaming down.  Since coming home, I keep pinching myself.  Lor, could we ever have thunk this!!!!  My head is so swollen right now that I don't think my pillow will hold it!!!!

Kathy you were such a brilliant much so that I was totally inspired to create my own pattern and this project came from my heart.  It is called "Memories" because it represents everything that was near and dear to us at our "Calversan Acres" Farm especially our babies "Caleb" and "Hallee".  Lor this would not have happened if you had not coordinated the rug camp with Kathy.  How fortunate we were.  Thanks.

And my response to Sandi's extremely kind note (above) is:  thank you Sandi for sharing pic's of your finished rug and providing me the privilege of spending 3 days with you and all the other Ontario hookers.  It was a dream come true for me!  I was there to facilitate, but the true brilliance came from within each student!  Your kind comments are humbling.  

On another note, an amazing fact about Sandi's rug is that it is a very small rug; if my memory is correct, it is only about 13"x13" in size.  Sandy was hooking with what I recall to be a 5-6 cut and achieved amazing detail in her tiny rug full of many motifs.  

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