Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Slice of Heaven

A slice of heaven, yes that's what it was:  Two Stars in TX Rug Camp Fredericksburg, 2014.

Back in the great state of Texas, I was honored to teach my love of folk art style rugs this past week. The ladies in my class were awesome.  Seems I always have that luck when I teach.  Good folks, those hookers!

This camp is now directed by Tricia Travis and Gayle Soileau and was formerly called the Star of Texas.  Tricia and Gayle have stepped up to offer a great camp experience.

I feel right at home in Texas offering a glimpse into my world of rug hooking.  Accepted for my primitive style, my non-traditional finishes and quirky hooking, Texas feels like "coming home" to rug hooking.

My class, but sorry to say we are missing a few students who had to leave early.  What a great group!
A birds-eye view of a  bustling camp.  I love the mess of wool everywhere!
Here are a few new samples of rug/mats that I took to class to share an old worn look and some different finishing techniques:
Cats with lots of Hit and Miss and a new finishing technique.

Tidbit the horse, shows how to use up scraps of wool.  

Socks the dog with a scrappy border finish.

Buttons the dog, cut loop background.

I will post pictures of the rug show and throw-down next, plus another fun camp surprise.
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