Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fine Finishes

We are back from Texas and had a wonderful trip to the Lone Star state.  Before sharing about the trip and rug camp, I want to pay homage to two fine hookers who sent me pictures of their finished rugs while I was traveling.

A couple posts ago I showed you Ellen's rug in progress and she has now finished the rug which memorializes her Oda Mae Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  Ellen elected to make the sky a sunset in this rug as Oda Mae died suddenly and unexpectedly after Ellen ordered the pattern from me.  The pattern is a rendition of an antique rug which I customized to include Ellen's Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

Here is Ellen's beautiful rug; Oda Mae is the brown dog laying down in the rug.
Ellen Eckerd, memorial rug for Oda Mae.
My rug in progress with my Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
I also received a picture from my good cyber pal Trudy Johnson who has hooked a couple of my dog patterns.  I love the way Trudy hooks primitive and often would rather have her version of the rug than my own!  Someday I hope Trudy and I can hook on a pattern at the same time, in person, together to yak, yak, yak about our choices for wool in a primitive rug.  
Shep's World by Trudy Johnson.  
My version of Shep's World.
I love seeing patterns I've drawn as hooked by others.  It is rewarding and fun to see how each hooker puts their spin on a rug.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these fine finishes.  I'll share all about Texas soon, once I can catch my breath from moving, travel, camp, fun, fun, fun and getting back home!

Please Note:  if you download pictures for Pinterest purposes, please kindly give credit to my blog and or website for the pictures.  Thank you.
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