Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Heading to Yellow Rose Rug Camp

Although we just moved and would love to sit and be still for awhile, we are heading off to Texas for the Yellow Rose Rug Camp.  The trip has been planned since last June, so here we go on another great adventure.

Camp officially opens on Sunday 3/10 but we are going earlier to spend time in Texas Hill Country.  I've heard so many great things about Hill Country, so it will be a treat to visit the area.

Both Larry and I will be taking a class with Tricia Travis of San Antonio.  Tricia has some great kits based on antique postcards and we will each be working on a kit.  Larry is hooking the flag postcard kit in a 4 cut and I will be hooking the Thanksgiving postcard kit in an 8 cut.  If you wish to know about Tricia, here is a link to her website for her wonderful Country Gatherings Store outside San Antonio: 

I will take lots of pictures to share with you when we return.  Until then, stay safe, have fun hooking and blessed be!
Official Yellow Rose Camp Rug!
Post script at nearly midnight!  Yikes, it is not recommended to move three weeks before you are going to rug camp.  I had to search for an hour and a half to find my hook and scissors.  I tried to keep my hooking stuff well organized through the move, but NO.... it's not so!  I did manage to find one of my favorite hooks and scissors so I'm set, but it was a stressful ordeal looking, looking, digging, digging, shifting stuff around!  I guess this is a calling to buy more hooks so they are easier to find huh?!!  Ya' think?!!

Happy hooking to all!  See you in a couple weeks.

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